Evan Netsch arrive à travailler toutes ses figures en strapless même avec un petit clapot ! Une aisance qui est à chaque fois bluffante aux bras de son aile Cabrinha !

OBX Corona session

!!Update!!: We just learned that Hatteas will be opening May 16th. If you need a place to stay find SURF SIDE STUDIO APARTMENT (in Waves) or THE GOOD PLACE (in Nags Head) on Airbnb and I will see you here! PS. Please come directly from your safe quarenteene to ours and don't bring anything except some TP with you on the way…Fun weekend session behind Hatteras Island Surf and Sail (Barton's Shop). Hard not to break the 6 foot rule when shooting with a GoPro though, oh well… still safer on the water with Reider Decker than in a grocery store

Publiée par Evan Netsch sur Mercredi 6 mai 2020