Keahi De Aboitiz nous sort un medley de ses meilleurs tubes. Il les filme de l’intérieur avec sa Go Pro, la vision est folle aux bras de sa Cabrinha Drifter !

A few moments in time from an amazing year doing what I love.Crazy times right now and I consider myself very lucky to be able to spend time in the ocean still here in Hawaii. It’s also sad to see how crowded lineups have gotten over the last week and I think people need to be much more conscious of social distancing rules. If things keep going the way they are I wouldn’t be surprised to see a ban put in place and honestly I wouldn’t blame them. Find an empty peak or surf a different craft that allows you to or I’m sure we’ll all regret it later 🤙🏼——@cabrinhakites@patagonia_surf@theprostandard——🎵 Bensound – Tomorrow

Publiée par Keahi de Aboitiz sur Lundi 6 avril 2020